A gloss story out-of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina

A gloss story out-of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina

The fresh new Gloss fraction in Bosnia and you can Herzegovina has mainly absorbed more recent years. It’s from inside the getaways regarding Xmas and Easter that living and you may customs of the forefathers is restored.

Along with, you will find noted a large number of Gloss cemeteries which have be overgrown having thicker tree more eight age, and now we possess achieved a complete fix of cemetery for the Devetina with financial help about Shine embassy inside the Sarajevo

At the conclusion of the fresh 19th millennium, Poles and other minorities about Austro-Hungarian Kingdom went and you will paid in the northern-west element of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina. These were keen on this region because of its arable house and an excellent traditions criteria.

Of the 12 months 1910, there are 10,975 Poles residing Bosnia and Herzegovina. This group lived-in several farming colonies in the Bosnian Krajina area. Up until 1946, Posts molded one of the largest cultural organizations Prnjavor district. Within invitation of one’s Shine government, 18,000 Poles on urban area gone back to the nation around this day. Overall, they largely settled from inside the All the way down Silesia, inside Boleslawiec and the surrounding towns.

Tomislav Durtka, the latest inventor and you can investment coordinator of one’s ”Association kissbrides.com More hints out-of Posts Boleslawiec-Prnjavor” and you will historical professional, told me several of his personal private records: “My personal beloved father, Jan Durtka, relocated to Prnjavor when you look at the 1892 on town of Ratkovac, where the guy ordered residential property. “A gloss story out-of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina”の続きを読む